Alta Tension

We are Alta Tension – a noise-rock, power-pop indie band, based in the Todos Santos area of Baja California. We are Mark Gabriel, guitar and vocals, Kerrie Gable on drums and Lucas Bennett on bass. 

If you like your good times infused with high voltage, garage-y, foot-stomping ear worms, then we have the juice for you. Take some Big Star jangle, add a splash of The Replacements, some Arctic Monkeys rattle, a few good squirts of rousing Pixies, then stand back and hit the ignition. WARNING; Do not blame us if you are in a slightly aroused state while experiencing our mojo jams. And if you walk away in a daze after the dust settles, still buzzing and humming our tunes, we apologize in advance.    

Who knew Indie rock was alive and well in Baja Sur. Alta Tension pairs well with late night hot dogs and cheap tequila.