La Victoria

From strong foundations in Mexican folk music, seasoned with contemporary life as Chicanas in Los Angeles, La Victoria has created a sound that reflects their city.

Created in 2015, Mary Alfaro (guitar), Vaneza Calderón (guitarrón), and Rosalie Rodriguez (violin) have been actively performing in concerts, private engagements, television and more. All three musicians have professional backgrounds in mariachi music, and a commitment to preserving its essence. They play songs that ring true in their everyday lives as well as folk standards that are staples of mariachi.

Their passion for the spirit of mariachi drives them to take audiences on an emotional and uplifting ride through the music, informed by the skills that the trio has acquired through the years. Mexican culture inspires them to use the core instruments of mariachi to achieve the sound and experience of today’s Golden State. Rosalie’s violin is the melodic elegance of the ensemble. Vaneza’s guitarrón provides the heartbeat of every song. And Mary’s guitar unifies the sound with percussive and graceful strumming. Each musician adds her own unique singing style, making this ensemble instrumentally and vocally engaging for all audiences. Inspired the likes of Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Linda Ronstadt, Rosie Hamlin and Alice Bag, La Victoria splays music that connects with audiences of all ages and ethnicities.